it all started when

Nikki was at a very young age, performing on a microphone she got for xmas from her mom. She used to dance and sing to Madonna, Rupaul ,Janet Jackson and many other artists she admired. She practiced singing everyday because her only dream was to be a pop star . While in school, she was in the Marching Band, Choir , and after school Theatre Club . Nikki grew up by the Jersey Shore, but she moved around a lot, so it was hard for her to keep friends, everytime she changed schools she was bullied all over again for being different & Unique. Nikki started traveling to NYC after she graduated to discover herself and who she wanted to be, thats when she finally realized she was TRANS. It was time for her to officially start Transitioning into a Butterfly and move to New York . Thats when Nikki was introduced to the late Octavia St. Laurent from the movie “Paris is Burning”, Nikki idolized her so much and asked her if she would be her Gay (Trans) Mother, Octavia accepted, and taught her everything she knows, how to paint her face ,walk, talk, throw shade, fashion, but most of all inspired Nikki to be a singer as Octavia was a beautiful Songstress herself. Within 2 years time Nikki already had her GRS surgery in Montreal Canada. Once she was complete in her new body, she felt comfortable to begin her NEW life , she went to Beauty School in 2001 and , got her license in cosmetology.She then started taking up jazz/hip-hop dance classes at BDC around the same time , she also took up acting, singing , and music production classes, at New School University in NYC, she was destined to becoming a STAR! Nikki first started as a GO-GO DANCER in all the hot nyc nightclubs, then auditioned and got the part as a dancer on Mtv’s “GLOBAL GROOVE” Some years later Nikki participated in a docu-movie called “TRANTASIA” which aired in the UK and USA in 2006, and got national exposure on Entertainment Tonight! Nikki started performing as Britney & Gaga and recording covers by 2009 she finally felt it was time to record original material, she wrote “Secret Girl” recorded “Manwhore” and “Electric Touch” then followed up with her global dance hit “All Lined up” and her LGBTQ friendly song “Young Wild and Free” , She has appeared on many talk shows in the US & UK including “Geraldo”, “Maury”, then on Germanys“ Explosiv RTL TV”( Transsexual Barbie) and “ UK’s This Morning”(Million Dollar Trans Barbie) which her Plastic Surgery Barbie story went viral to every country. Nikki received lots of attention when Barcroft TV release her story about forming “Americas 1st ever Trans Pop Group called ,

“SECRET GIRLS”, Nikki tried her hardest to make the girl group work and tried to pitch it for a reality series, but there was too much drama and creative differences between members that she decided it was best to go solo for now. Nikki has performed all over the world, including, London, Mykonos and Amsterdam, and Many Pride Events across the USA. She just dropped her newest hit single “YOUR BODY” and is currently in the studio working on more music.. Nikki Exotika is not only an advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community, but she is also an International Pop Superstar.

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